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AlipayHK provides diversified mobile payment solutions for Hong Kong users:
1. Smart payment: With a wide network of merchant partners (see app for full list), users can opt to pay with credit card or balance through a singular platform.

2. Smarter transit with EasyGo: Now available on multiple green minibus routes and is continuously expanding into more public transports.

3. Cross-border payment: Transact freely with e-wallet in nine cities across The Greater Bay Area, as well as appointed merchants at Daimaru Fukuoka, Japan.

4. Bill payments: Enable Auto Debit service for hassle-free, automated payments across household bills including electricity, gas, telco, broadband, paid TV and property management fees.

5. Seamless peer-to-peer transfer: Pay or receive transfers through social platforms such as WhatsApp and Messengers. Transfers through FPS can also be made to AlipayHK, other bank accounts and e-wallets.

6. Online Shopping: Secure e-payments across major e-commerce platforms.

7. Balance top-up: Top up at designated merchants stores or coin carts.

AlipayHK is committed to providing the most secure mobile payment solutions, whilst continuously improving services to meet users' needs. For more details, please visit AlipayHK's website at

HKMA license: SVF0004

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